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Ramon’s Background April 23, 2012

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Here is how my INSOMNIA started:

Factor 1. Family Predisposition –> Seems to run in our family. Some members have been more or less affected by Insomnia.
Since I was around 24 years old, maybe less, I started having issues with light sleeping and waking up because of little noises in the place I lived.

Factor 2. Respiratory Issues –> Always an issue, plenty of times  it was my nose and sometimes it was my lungs that affected my sleep.

Factor 3. Stomach Issues –> I try to keep this under control but sometimes the food intake affects my sleep.

Factor 4.  Stress–> This is part of my personality, I might not be as ambitious as my sister but I worry enough about making it in life. I did study my share (is in my about area) and after being fairly successful in life, this economy has hurt me a bit.  I am slways stress about the uncertain times we are living and being able to provide to my daughter for tomorrow and all kinds of things…

Factor 5.  Pain–> I had a freak accident in 2002 and after that my back got affected (3 herniated disks). Pain does not allow me to sleep properly, sometimes is only discomfort but is there. I can only sleep on a few positions now, mostly on my side.

I might have more but for now this is what I remember so far that keeps me up at night…

Sweet dreamzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Maria’s Background April 22, 2012

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Let me give you a little history or background, if you will.  I think this is the best way to relate to someone and hopefully find help in other person’s experience.    My name is Maria and I have been pretty ambitious beginning at a very young age.  I actually moved to the United States, learned English and became a lawyer.  I think that gives you an idea of how ambitious I could be.   My personality pushed me to always strive for more, yet leaving me with the feeling that I never did enough or I was not good enough.     I carried everybody’s weight, so to speak,  on my shoulders and filled my days with self-imposed responsibilities, my own and others.   I felt responsible for my family with over extended superhuman efforts.    Years of this type of behavior resulted in diseases and a predominant disorder of recurring INSOMNIA.   I spend many nights either playing a movie of my past mistakes over and over again in my head or worrying about the future.  I could not stop my overactive brain from worrying at night even when the same issues did not affect me, at least that much, during the day.  I believe the stress began to manifest physically in different ways all over my body.  I would develop a physical condition and when I was able to resolve it, a new different one will  pop up. Hello rashes, infections, etc.  OH Joy!!!!

Almost 2 years ago, I believe my sympathetic nervous system crashed or overloaded.  It was around the time when my parents moved with me temporarily because he needed a serious operation.   There was such a tension in the house that I began having heart palpitations, panic attacks mostly at night and, of course, and I was not able to sleep without taking Ambien (sleeping pills).   The pills did not heal me and I felt like a zombie most of the day.  Exercising 4-6 times  a week, including yoga, was not even helping.    I actually had to go to a cardiologist who diagnosed me with MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse).  The doctor said this MVP is a condition but that the symptoms were triggered by stress.  I have exercised for years and was very active without any heart issues.  Everything got even worse when one of my hands began shaking and I experienced myoclonic twitching (involuntary jerking of the body as I was falling sleep).   At this point, Ambien was not good enough and I was placed in an anticonvulsant medication.  The side effects were even worse.   I don’t think I had one good night sleep in over 6 months.     When my dad survived his surgery and was finally stable, my myoclonic twitching stopped.  At that point, I had stopped all prescribed medications but switched to natural cures such as melatonin and Valerian.    On April of 2011, I had an automobile accident that brought back the myoclonic twitching.    I struggled with this for almost another year (10 months to be specific).   In the past 2 months, I have been able to go back to a 95% normal sleep.   Most nights I sleep pretty good now without prescription drugs, Valerian or melatonin.    In my next post,  I will share with you  all I learned that helped me  overcome a sleeping disorder and alleviate or minimize the symptoms of injuries that can trigger a sleeping disorder.

This is for all of you who spend sleepless nights and not necessarily in Seattle….. April 20, 2012

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Hello.  Let me tell you why my brother and I decided to start this blog.   We both have been suffering from insomnia for years.  We have concluded that several factors are part of this problem.   It seems to run in part in our family and we both have active personalities  (possibly type A personality).   Okay, well first thing we are suggesting is to take a good look at your type of personality so that you can better assess your situation.